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About this website

Canada Goose
The purpose of this website is to show what a wealth of interest the natural world affords us in Leighton Linslade.

I hope that it will get more people interested, so that they too can enjoy it, and to encourage its conservation for future generations.

I also think that walking is a good thing, especially if you want to see some wildlife.  Hence, all the photos on this website were taken within walking distance of Leighton Linslade, and I've included some ideas for walks.

Common Darter Dragonfly
If you would like to use the images on this website for non-profit purposes, please ask me first.

Some images are for sale as postcards or plain greeting cards.  The greetings cards are available from Nature's Harvest in North Street, Leighton Buzzard.

My contact details are:

(You'll have to type the email address in yourself as I don't want the spammers to get it, at least not too quickly.)

My camera, for anyone who's interested, is a Panasonic Lumix FZ-150.  It's a compact camera, not an SLR.  From 2006 until April 2012 I used a similar camera, the Lumix FZ-7.  Before March 2006, I had a Nikon, which was a great camera but didn't have the amount of optical zoom that I really wanted. 

The FZ-150 has a 24x optical zoom, plus another 4x digital zoom.  The telephoto extender lens (1.7x) and the macro lens that I acquired for the FZ-7 can be used on the FZ-150, although it required a new adapter.  The FZ-150 has a faster autofocus, larger sensor, tilt and spin LCD screen, HD video recording and many other improvements over the FZ-7. The FZ-150 was replaced by the FZ-200 and just recently this was superseded by the FZ-330 (or 300).

In 2015 I acquired a used Canon 30D, which is an SLR.  It's better than the FZ-150 for low-light photographs, has better flash performance with an external flash gun, and is better at in-flight photos of birds if you use a big, heavy telephoto zoom lens, which I have. This is a much bigger camera and I'm only gradually getting used to using it.

The idea of the photo diary was from the Moorhen website (see Links page), which is well worth a look.

Thanks to Nan, Michel, Jeremy, Janet, Jane, Liz, Dave, Jonathan, Geoff, Bob, Tony, Wendy, Edna, Eddie, Felicity, Andrew, Gill, Rich, Jackie, Ed and Siewlin.


All images and other media on this website are Copyright R. Morrisey