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This month's images - November 2017

Green woodpecker
A green woodpecker in our garden, Alwins Field, 20 November 2017. (It's a male but not sure whether it's the same one that was here earlier this month.)

Common frog
A common frog, out hunting in the early evening in our garden, Alwins Field, 14 November 2017. (Photo taken with flash.)

Red kite
Red Kite, Old Linslade, 12 November 2017.

Coal tit
Coal tit near the footbridge, Rushmere (Stockgrove) Country Park, on 6 November 2017.

A nuthatch taking peanuts on the footbridge in Rushmere (Stockgrove) Country Park, 6 November 2017.

Tufted ducks
Two male tufted ducks on the lake at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, the front one slower to emerge from eclipse plumage. 5 November 2017.

Cormorant and coot
A cormorant on the usual drying-out branch (plus a passing coot), Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, 5 November 2017.

Wood mouse
A wood mouse (aka long-tailed field mouse) collecting a peanut from our rockery, Alwins Field, 3 November 2017.

Green woodpecker - male
A male green woodpecker having a look around our garden pond, Alwins Field, 1 November 2017.

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