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Archive images - July 2018

Picture-winged fly - Anomoia purmunda
A tiny Picture-winged fly on very fine netting on the Alwins Field allotments - 30 July 2018. This fly is Anomoia purmunda. It lives on Hawthorn and is fairly common. It is a male and the patterned wings are used to flash signals in a mating dance, as it is doing here.

Slender Groundhopper
A Slender Groundhopper found on netting on the Alwins Field allotments - 30 July 2018.

White-tailed bumble-bee queen
A queen White-tailed Bumble-bee feeding on lavender in All Saints LB churchyard, 27 July 2018.

Red Soldier-beetle
Common Red Soldier Beetle by the Clipstone Brook in Parson's Close, Leighton Buzzard, on 27 July 2018.

Southern Migrant Hawker dragonfly
A Southern Migrant Hawker (aka Blue-eyed Hawker) dragonfly, Sandhouse Lane NR, 25 July 2018.
This dragonfly was first reported on 23 July and it is the first of this species to ever have been seen in Bedfordshire.

Ruddy darter dragonfly
A Ruddy Darter dragonfly, Sandhouse Lane NR, 23 July 2018.
He is waiting for prey to pass by and will dart out to catch it; his abdomen is pointed up towards the sun to keep him cool.

Field grasshopper
A Field Grasshopper, Alwins Field allotments, 20 July 2018.
He is well camouflaged against the parched bare earth.

Purple hairstreak
A surprise visitor to our garden, Alwins Field, was this female Purple Hairstreak butterfly, 18 July 2018.
Purple Hairstreaks are widespread and fairly common but you hardly ever get to see them because they live at the top of tall oak trees and hardly ever come down. They don't often fly, either, they prefer to walk from leaf to leaf and can live out their whole lives on one tree.

One of the Robins busy feeding their third brood this year, and looking a bit frazzled, Alwins Field garden, 17 July 2018.

Common Blue butterfly
A male Common Blue butterfly in Linslade Woods, 11 July 2018.

Common tern
Common Tern over the canal at Grove Church, 10 July 2018.

Black-headed gull
The Black-headed Gull is mis-named, as the chocolate brown head visible in this photo proves. Grove Church, 10 July 2018.

Teasel heads
Teasel heads in Linslade Woods, 9 July 2018.

Meadow grasshopper
A Meadow Grasshopper in the orchard at Astral Park, 8 July 2018.

Emperor dragonfly
A male Emperor Dragonfly on the pond in Astral Park, 8 July 2018.

Emperor dragonfly female ovipositing
A female Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing in the lake at Pratt's Quarry on 8 July 2018.

Black-tailed skimmer
A Black-tailed Skimmer on the Lake at Pratt's Quarry, 8 July 2018.

Silver-washed fritillary butterfly
A Silver-washed Fritillary butterfly in King's Wood, Heath and Reach on 5 July 2018. The "silver wash" can be seen on the underside of the hind wing in this photo.
The Silver-washed Fritillary is one of our largest and most powerful flyers. This male was contesting his territory with many other butterflies (comma, skipper, ringlet, etc) in King's Wood.

Gatekeeper butterfly
A Gatekeeper butterfly in Linslade Woods, 4 July 2018.

Ruddy darter close-up
A close-up view of a Ruddy Darter dragonfly showing its huge eyes. Photo taken at Ledburn Pit, 3 July 2018.

Four-spotted chaser dragonfly - praenubila
A Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly at Ledburn Pit on 3 July 2018.
This one is unusual in that it has extra spots on its wings - it is a recognised variant called "praenubila".

Young coot
A young Coot trying to eat something it should not have picked up. Tiddenfoot WP, 3 July 2018.

Feral pigeon
A Feral Pigeon in our garden, Alwins Field, 2 July 2018.
Some of the pigeons have learned how to take seeds from this big feeder that has a perching ring around the base. They flap a lot while hanging on, but they get a lot of food.

Magpie - juvenile
One of four juvenile Magpies that are currently visiting our garden and exploring, just like a gang of naughty boys.
Alwins Field, 2 July 2018.

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