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Archive images - January 2018

Mallard duck
Mallard duck in our garden, Alwins Field, 28 January 2018.
I think this is the same duck as last year - the bill pattern is a match - but she has a blank red leg-ring this year, which was not there when she visited in 2017.

Grey squirrel
A grey squirrel in our garden, Alwins Field, 28 January 2018.

Blue tit
A busy blue tit in All Saints, Leighton Buzzard, 25 January 2018.

Winter aconite
The winter aconite flower only opens in the sunshine; All Saints Church, Leighton Buzzard, 25 January 2018.

Carrion crow
A wary carrion crow on Alwins Field, 18 January 2018.

Snowdrops putting on a good show amongst the gravestones at All Saints church, Leighton Buzzard, 17 January 2018

Springtails are very small creatures that can be found nearly the whole year round. These two are often in leaf litter - the elongate one on the left is Orchesella cincta and the globular one on the right is Dicyrtomina saundersii. (There is a baby elongate springtail in the left foreground.) Alwins Field, 15 January 2018.

There are some wonderful photos of springtails on Jan van Duinen's web site at

A winter visitor that we seldom see around here - a brambling - on our garden feeder, Alwins Field, 14 January 2018.

Chinese water deer
A Chinese water deer, quite well hidden in long grass by the canal at Old Linslade, 7 January 2018. He was wary of the humans on the towpath and then startled by a buzzard flying from a nearby tree, which caused him to run away.

Red kite
A red kite soaring over Old Linslade church on 7 January 2018.

Grey wagtail
A grey wagtail (one of two) on the River Ouzel near the Globe Inn on 7 January 2018.

Red fox
A red fox scavenging in a field by the Stoke Road on 4 January 2018.

One of several woodpigeons in Linslade Woods, 4 January 2018.

A wren sorting through foliage for insects in our garden, Alwins Field, 1 January 2018.

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