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Archive images - June 2017

Marbled white butterfly
The first marbled white butterfly that I have seen this year, spotted in the Alwins Field allotments on 27 June 2017.

Essex skipper butterfly
An Essex skipper butterfly in Linslade Woods, 27 June 2017.

Six-spot burnet moths mating
Six-spot burnet moths mating in Linslade Woods, 27 June 2017.

Painted lady butterfly
A painted lady butterfly in a garden in Alwins Field, 27 June 2017.

Common tern
A close-up of a common tern that landed on the new sand martin box at Tiddenfoot WP, 26 June 2017.

Black-tailed skimmer
A male black-tailed skimmer at Tiddenfoot WP, 26 June 2017.

Rosemary beetle
Rosemary beetles can be a pest, but they are very striking. This one was in our garden, Alwins Field, 22 June 2017.

Bee orchid
Bee orchid flowers in Linslade Woods, 17 June 2017.

Common spotted orchid
Common spotted orchid (one of many) near the pond in Linslade Woods, 17 June 2017.

Meadow brown
A meadow brown butterfly in Linslade Woods, 17 June 2017.

Large skipper butterfly
A large skipper butterfly in Linslade Woods, 17 June 2017.

Mallard duck and four ducklings
A mallard duck with four ducklings on the Grand Union Canal at Linslade, 16 June 2017.

Reed warbler
A reed warbler at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park on 16 June 2017.
This tiny brown bird with a raucous song comes here from Africa every year to nest in the reeds next to the fishermen. It's more often heard than seen.

Mullein moth caterpillar
A mullein moth caterpillar on great mullein (see the hole it has chewed) on the allotments at Alwins Field, 15 June 2017.

Speckled wood butterfly
A speckled wood butterfly by the Clipstone Brook at Parson's Close,
14 June 2017. The eye spots are supposed to protect the butterfly by giving predators a target. It seems to have worked here as a bird has pecked out a piece of the right forewing near the spot, and causing the butterfly no problems at all.

Banded demoiselle male
A male banded demoiselle (a kind of dragonfly) that flutters like a butterfly over streams. This one is perched over the Clipstone Brook at Parsons Close on 14 June 2017 and is holding his territory against rival males.

Field grasshopper nymph
A tiny field grasshopper nymph on the allotments at Alwins Field,
3 June 2017.

White campion
White campion in flower on the edge of the playing field,
Alwins Field, 4 June 2017.

The rooks have started bringing their offspring to our garden. This is an adult, with a bare base to the beak (unlike the crow).
Alwins Field, 3 June 2017.

The hedgehogs have continued to grace us with their night-time visits and this is one of the smaller ones snuffling in the ivy border.
Alwins Field, 2 June 2017.

Yellow flag iris
Yellow flag iris in one of the ponds at Sandhouse Lane Nature Reserve, 1 June 2017.

Dingy skipper butterfly
A dingy skipper butterfly at Sandhouse Lane NR, 1 June 2017.
It's not that "dingy" when you get close up to it.

Southern hawker dragonfly
A Southern hawker dragonfly covered in early morning dew on our garden pond at Alwins Field, 1 June 2017.
It had emerged from its larval case (upper right) during the night.

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